deathdealer [7drl]

7drl #14

Deathdealer is the second trading-card game inspired entry I've come across for the 2015 challenge. After choosing a starting deck, you enter an endless arena fighting waves of mobs until your inevitable death.

Playing the green deck to wave 4.

The gameplay seemed a bit unbalanced: The starter green deck, for example, primarily consists of melee modifiers when I frequently encountered ranged enemies. Without a way to heal or otherwise evade their attacks, I could only reach a stalemate where the enemies and I kept moving in a line or wait for the end.

The red deck was the most interesting for me with its ability to create terrain. Doing so didn't give me much of a tactical advantage as each of the decks can place a mana pillar that blocks ranged attacks, and I didn't experience problems with melee attackers.

Deathdealer doesn't deliver a roguelike experience, but it could be interesting if you're looking for card-based tactical combat.

Deathdealer (OS X) was developed by Geek of Geek and Dad.