zoo tycoon roguelike [7drl]

7drl #12

As a fan of non-ASCII glyphs and zoo-themed roguelikes, I was looking forward to trying Zoo Tycoon Roguelike (ZTRL)'s emoji interface.

Trying Zoo Tycoon Roguelike.

ZTRL is distributed as python source code, requires Urwid for its console interface, and GNU Unifont. Upon doing so, I was only able to move haphazardly while blinking between walls. Building walls didn't seem to work, nor was I killed after running into traffic.

It's hard to recommend ZTRL in its current state, but I did enjoy its attempt to use emoji. Perhaps future 7DRLs will do so more successfully.

Zoo Tycoon Roguelike (python source) was developed by erlehmann.