strive [7drl]

7drl #7

You awaken in a cave wielding a sword and rifle and decide to descend as far as you can while meting out destruction until your enevitable death in Strive.

Floor two in Strive.

Strive's strengths as a hack `n' slash include its interface and small level size. Instructions appear in relevant contexts, such as a reminder that pressing q will throw the currently selected grenade. I thought the modeless method of equipping items worked particularly well: Pressing s will shoot your first ranged weapon, and holding shift and pressing s will pick up a ranged item and equip it in the s-slot. Standardizing this to the grenade selection would make it even easier for new players.

Floor four in Strive.

I encountered two color selection issues. I had problems seeing the purple creatures and their attacks, though I'm willing to blame the monitor. The other confusing aspect was the ASCII gore that monsters explode into is a dark red color, and I frequently confused the gore with the brighter red med kits for healing.

Strive is a solid entry and, like Goblin Gold, could serve as a first roguelike or procedural death labyrinth. My particular interest in roguelikes isn't in slaying mobs until dying, but I'd encourage you to try Strive if it's yours.

Strive (Windows) was developed by Fabian Goedhart.