mineclimber(l) [7drl]

7drl #3

Starting MineClimbeR(L) required installing Python, PyGame, and then downloading the source. This generated a SDL fullscreen video mode error; attaching an external monitor to my Windows netbook, removing mirroring, and then restarting resolved the error. While not insurmountable, the process didn't leave me excited about the game.

Gameplay video by MineClimbeR(L)'s developer.

The game's clock consists of anchors, rope, picks, and ore. Anchors limit how many walls you can climb. Rope determines how far you can move on your anchors. Picks deteriorate every time a brick is dug out and are necessary to gather ore. Ore's used to create anchors and picks.

After getting MineClimbeR(L) to run, I kept running into problems managing those clocks. I'd run out of anchors in one session and try again making sure to create more in the next. Then my pick would break, and I'd be unable to gather the ore needed to make another pick or more anchors. In the next, I wouldn't find enough ore and then run out of anchors or pick strength regardless.

MineClimbeR(L) could be an interesting mining game for people interested in a smaller-scale Minecraft or Terraria from a roguelike perspective, and so it's a shame that it's currently limited by its distribution. I'm also not sure if I'm a bad player, which is likely, or if the level generation skewed towards insufficient ore. Perhaps if Ripley revisits its development, I'll do the same for playing.

MineClimbeR(L) (python source) was developed by Jeff Ripley.