hebrac's dungeon [7drl]

7drl #5

Hebrac's Dungeon plays like a game from an earlier time and wouldn't be out of place in books like BASIC Computer Games. The distribution method is also similar, being available only as source that only requires the standard C library.

The first floor of Hebrac's Dungeon

The digital game is based on the solitaire card game. Floors are created by dealing an enemy card and a treasure card into a 4x4 grid. Slaying the enemy card allows the player to take the treasure card, with the goal of collecting four aces. Players can advance to the next floor after clearing half of the rooms.

It's difficult to play Hebrac's today with its user interface consisting of prompts with the occasional screen redraw, and it's hard to recommend to play as a roguelike. However, it functions well as a proto-roguelike and could be of interest for people nostalgic for typed-in games.

Hebrac's Dungeon (c source) was developed by Thjalfa.