synthesizer [7drl]

7drl #11

Synthesizer combines a small roguelike in the vein of 868-Hack with a VST synthesizer. While it lacks the tight design or musicality of these, it's an interesting experiment nonetheless.

A game of Synthesizer.

My sessions of Sythesizer generally ended by blue glitches (the mobs) multiplying out of control surrounding and killing me. My inexperience playing is one factor, but the exit mechanics are another. Advancing to the next level clears the board of glitches, rebooting it with a fresh selection of patches, glitches, effects, and walls. But glitches can also destroy the exit, requiring you to destroy all the glitches on the level before another exit spawns.

I never had much success dealing with the multiplying blue glitches. Beelining to the exit worked if I happen to spawn close to it. Otherwise, my only hope was to wait for my oscillator to be positive (letting me deal damage)…which almost always coincided with the glitch's oscillator being positive as well (letting them deal more). With no way to escape and having less damage than the mass of glitches, my games ended soon after.

Despite the synthesizer-inspired gameplay, Synthesizer is largely non-musical, with no background music and only cacophonous sound effects. With so much work going into making Synthesizer look like a synthesizer, it's a shame that the audio didn't receive more attention.

Synthesizer (Linux, OS X, Unity player, Windows) was developed by graspee.