beware the space bears [7drl]

7drl #15

I enjoyed playing Beware the Space Bears and plan to dabble with it more.

An expedition to fetch plutonium.

Its main innovations are interface related—it supports mouse, keyboard, and touch for mobile—and are well done. The gameplay comes closest of the 7DRLs I've played so far to create an experience where you can't hack and slash your way through the world and expect to survive. It's a harsh world and all of your resources are rapidly decreasing.

The primary issue I've had while playing so far has been difficulty finding the water ice needed to generate more oxygen. I'm not sure yet if this is a small issue that's addressable with more gameplay or a game-breaking problem, but I'm happy to play a few more games to figure it out.

Beware the Space Bears (HTML5) was developed by Tapio.