may highlights

mixed media

May has been another busy month, and much of my new gameplay time was spent playing Nussygame's Deck de Dungeon. While I've played and enjoyed deck building games previously, this is the first one I've played that felt as if it were designed for computer play. DDD blends its deck building aspect with a single-player dungeon crawl. The English translation could be clearer, but I keep finding inspiration in this and Malleus Goblinficarium.

Nick Bentley's The 100:10:1 method – the heart of my game design process describes his three stages of development using examples from his designs. I always enjoy learning about other designer's processes, and this was a treat.

Emily Short consistently writes articles worth reading; Tightening the World-Plot Interface: or, Why I Am Obsessed With Conversation Models is another regardless of your interest in developing interactive fiction.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch also started a new project called Women in Science Fiction meant to document the contributions from women authors to science fiction. Her post A Frustrating Find identifies the need and the unfortunate reality that little has change since the 1970s.

Much of my focus this month was spent restarting Studio Tectorum, which will be finished in early June. In doing so, I found the Business and Legal Primer for Game Development to be a useful source of information that also left me with a number of questions; many of these were answered by Nolo's Guide to Single Member LLCs.