forlorn four [7drl]

7drl #19

I reached the eighth of ten floors in Forlorn Four before my last adventurer, a rogue, met an untimely demise. The cleric had died just one floor earlier, while my two fighters had perished a few floors higher.

Descending to the second floor.

Combat went from trivially easy on the first few floors to death in two turns before my fighters could handle it or my cleric could mitigate the damage. I suspect this could be alleviated with more grinding, but I didn't find combat compelling enough to try.

I found I enjoyed the game more as my squad size decreased. Part of this is the limited options available to the squad, as there are no items and only one class, the mage, has access to ranged spells.

It's a small game and easily played. The monster descriptions are cute as well. Without a bit more depth, though, I'd really only recommend it to developers considering making squad-based games.

Forlorn Four (HTML5) was developed by Richard Schneider.