november highlights

mixed media

Roguelike Radio's bonus content for their episode on Obsession is Darren Gray's reading of his 440-line epic poem on ADOM. ADOM is my favorite of the classic roguelikes, and this was an unexpected treat.

Jason Scott of GET LAMP digitized and uploaded approximately 4,000 pages of Infocom-related materials from Steve Meretzky.

I looked at Koji Horaguchi's 7DRL Ponzu. Horaguchi's ProcJam entry, 69climbing is a more accessible climbing roguelike. Like Lone Spelunker, it features grip-based movement; it differs, though, in using color to dynamically indicate movement requiring gripping. currently provides 2,024 icons for games under a CC BY 3.0 license.

Mike Malone wrote about the problem on the V8 Javascript engine's Math.random function, but the issues described apply more generally to using library random functions.

Carolyn Petit's alternate history of The Legend of Zelda contextualizes Nintendo's new character, Linkle.

Zach Burke discusses handling input between the keyboard, mouse, and gamepad. The comments are also worth reading for clarifications.

Sam Biddle notes that brands are not your friends.