february highlights

mixed media

Some highlights from February:

Kristine Kathryn Rusch's writing and business blog started up again earlier this year. Though it focuses on writing, I find her discussions a useful lens when reading about games and the business of games.

Dean Wesley Smith, Rusch's husband, also has a relevant writing and business blog that I also started reading. Smith's main feature is a daily recap of his writing and other work, though he also addresses writing and publishing issues in more detail on occassion.

My friend Terra launched her new website with plans to release a sequel to Thunder Gun for her first commercial game. Terra was working on the first Thunder Gun when we first met, and so I'm happy to see her revisit the game as she starts to make games commercially.

The 7DRL Challenge starts up next week from March 7th-15th. Even though I didn't find many games I really enjoyed in February, I have high hopes for the results of the 7DRL. If you haven't played a roguelike before, Goldfish, one of my favorites from last year, is a good place to start. The developer, Ondřej Žára, has a brief post-mortem here.