three treasures

beware the full moon

Three treasures is a solitaire game that uses a hanafuda deck. The play time is usually less than 10 minutes.

To setup the game, remove the curtain, sake cup, water bridge, full moon, and person with umbrella. Shuffle the remaining cards. Draw four cards for your hand, redrawing any animal cards or the lightning. Draw one card and play it face up, redrawing any banners or the lightning. This card signifies your present. Reshuffle the animal cards or the lightning drawn back into the deck.

Distribute the curtain, sake cup, and water bridge in the deck. These are the treasures. Place the full moon on the bottom of the deck.

Each turn begins by drawing a card from the deck.

If it's an animal card, immediately play it on your present. Draw three cards and place them, face down, by the animal to form a trial.

If it's the lightning card, discard a blue banner from your hand or discard the next three cards from the deck. Place the lightning on the bottom of the deck.

If a treasure card, place it in your victory pile and draw another card. Otherwise, add the card to your hand.

Take one or more actions:

Play a red banner to draw two cards. If lightning is drawn, discard the other and play as if you had just drawn a lightning card. If both cards are animals, play one on your present and discard the other. Otherwise, choose one card to place in your hand and discard the other.

Play a blue banner to reshuffle a non-banner card into the deck; in addition, reshuffle two discarded animal cards if possible into the deck. End your turn.

Dispel an animal card by playing a card from the same month without an animal shown. Look at the trial cards and place one into your hand; discard the other two. End your turn.

Avoid an animal card by playing a card from a different month. Place the trial cards on the bottom of the deck and end your turn.

Kill an animal by playing a red banner card. Pick one trial card and place it into your hand. Place the remaining trial cards into the deck and reshuffle it. End your turn.

Wander if a non-animal card is your present by playing an empty card from a different month. End your turn.

Starve by discarding two cards and end your turn.

At the end of your turn, place any treasures in your hand into your victory pile and redraw as if you were starting your turn.

You win after ending a turn with the three treasures in your victory pile. You lose if you run out of cards to draw, your hand ever reaches zero cards, or if you ever draw the full moon upon starting your turn.